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  Meet Milk, a captivating addition to the Canadian scene, boasting a curvaceous, sexy physique paired with a sweet, innocent baby face that will leave you utterly enchanted. Her allure lies in the perfect juxtaposition of innocence and allure.

  With a radiant personality that sparkles with vivacity, Milk exudes warmth and charm in every interaction. Her bubbly demeanor instantly puts you at ease, creating an atmosphere of comfort and excitement.

  Behind her charming exterior lies an unparalleled dedication to providing impeccable service. Milk prides herself on ensuring your every desire is met with precision and care, leaving you breathless with satisfaction after each encounter.



*Super young and pretty baby face

*Super white body

*100% Real photos



Physical Appearance:


Height: 168cm


Weight: 53kg


Eye Color: Brown


Hair Color: Brown


Ethnicity: Kor

Measures: 34E-24-36

                 (Enhanced but SOFT)



230/HH  300/45M  400/H(1S)

CIM 40 MSOG 40 COF 100

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